Who We Are

How would I describe the faith community of MUMC? Vibrant, exciting, inquisitive, mission-minded, and ready to serve others. Now, I will also admit that we are quirky and diverse, enjoy different forms of worship, and have very different backgrounds. You might wonder, "Then how do you all get along?" That’s the easy question to answer. We are all on the journey together, as we work out our unique faith stories. We would love to have you come join us. We’ll live and grow and serve together. We’ll study and pray and support each other. And we’ll all learn together what it means to be, not just a believer, but a follower of Jesus.

Our Purpose  

You might think our ultimate purpose is to fill the chairs, grow in attendance or get more money in the offering plate. Certainly each of those help us reach our ultimate goal, but they are not our purpose for doing what we do at MUMC. As children of God, we were created to love God and love others. We do that by helping to make disciples of Jesus Christ, who learn to make more disciples, for the transformation of the world! 

To Make Disciples: 

Many know about God or Jesus but many less actually follow their teachings, living a life that reflects God's image. If we are in God's will, then we are helping each other to become an actual disciple, a follower of Jesus, in both word and action. 

Of Jesus Christ: 

It is one thing to learn all about God, read the Bible and be able to have a conversation about the Christian faith. But we believe we are called to know Christ personally, to have a friendship with him that allows us to live together in constant communication.

Who Learn to Make More Disciples:
When we live in relationship with Jesus, others will want to come along side. By inviting others to join us on this journey into relationship with Jesus, we multiply God's impact on the world.

For the Transformation of the World: 

We can talk about Jesus until the cows come home, but eventually we need to begin to look like Jesus. If we are going to do that, then we need to be serving others. At MUMC we offer multiple opportunities to serve in the church, our homes, our community and around the world. 

As the saying goes, God adores you just as you are... but God is not going to leave you like that! There is an intention that each of us will grow in faith, in service, and in love if we are in relationship with each other and Jesus. So plan on it!  When that happens?? Not only are we transformed, but the world is transformed all around us! 

Come along for the ride! It will be a roller coaster of sorts, but if you are willing to throw those arms in the air and from time to time let out a "scrrreeaaammmm....", you will be amazed all that God does in you, and with you!