Donate Now to help Ukraine.

United Methodists and others wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people in the wake of the Russian invasion of their country may contribute to Advance #982450, UMCOR International Disaster Response and Recovery. This fund will provide direct assistance to those in Ukraine as well as assistance to Ukrainians fleeing to neighboring countries.  Click here to donate.


Through our online donations platforms, you have the ability to set up recurring giving. 

Whether you want to give weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly, you can set up a recurring donation so you will never forget.

The best option, to save our church processing fees, is to set up a recurring donation based off your banks automated bill paying . That way, 100% of your giving makes it to the church. 

Every contribution is tax-deductible to you, and will be used to do the ministry at Marshall United Methodist Church and around the world. Thanks again for your generosity!

Click on this EasyTithe logo to the right to begin using EasyTithe. 

Instructional Video

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drop box at the church

We now have a permanent locked drop box under the canopy at the north doors of the church for your convenience day or night, 365 days a year. Just open the door and place your gift in the slot. You'll also find envelopes on the door of the box to place your gift in as well.  Please utilize them for cash and write your name on the envelope prior to leaving.  Finance Team has a key to open and collect all offerings. 

The joy of giving

  • UMC Marketplace

    Shop Online and Give at the Same Time
    Did you know that the United Methodist Church has buying power?? Oh yes! So much so that companies are willing to partner with us by giving a percent of each purchase back to our churches. Simply sign up today and every time you see the little dandelion iGive button appears at the top of a webpage, that tells you a portion of your purchase will go to MUMC! It adds up fast, so sign up today HERE.

  • Amazon smile

    Shop Online and Give at the Same Time
    Did you know that our church is signed up to receive a portion of all your purchases on Amazon? Absolutely! Simply visit HERE and sign up today! Choose "United Methodist Church of Marshall, Marshall MI" (not Marshall UMC.... different state) and every time you purchase from Amazon from thereafter, simply go to their site (instead of their regular and a portion of every purchase will come back to MUMC!  Use at work or at home. 

  • Family Fare receipts

    When you shop at Family Fare and you get a receipt for your purchase, please save that receipt and bring it to the church.  Twice now since the program began a few years ago we've been gifted with 2 checks for $1000 each because we've been diligent in saving those receipts. Once the 150,000 goal is reached, we turn the receipts in and Family Fare or Spartan Nash sends us a check for $1000.  Bring any saved receipts you have to the church office.  Thank you.

  • Buy a vehicle - raise funds for MUMC

    Alex Hamil, long-time attendee at MUMC and past bass player for the Worship Band, has offered to partner with us in raising some funds for our ministries and missions. Those who purchase cars from Alex through the REACH Plan will receive as follows for MUMC: 

    1. Vehicles   1 – 10 referred by the church = $100 / veh (10 x $100 = $1,000 in donations)
    2. Vehicles 11 – 20 referred by the church = $200 / veh (10 x $200 = $2,000 in donations - $3,000 total)
    3. Vehicles 21 – 25 referred by the church = $300 / veh (  5 x $300 = $1,500 in donations - $4,500 total)
    4. Vehicle #25 generates an ABOVE MATCHING GIFT! $5,500 donation! A total of $10,000 in support!

    If you are in the market for a car and would like to support MUMC through the REACH Plan, simply click here for more details.