The kids will kick off the event with their Noisy Offering (soft this month!) the first Sunday of the month, and then we'll continue throughout the month, bringing in even more socks.  They will be delivered to the Haven of Rest and others in need before the winter weather arrives. 

pastor's discretionary

It's not a hand out, but a hand up. All monetary gifts are used to help with gas, groceries, car repairs, utilities, and other needs that our friends and neighbors have from time to time. There is enough. We are called to live simply so others might simply live. 


Homeless Shelter and Rehabilitation Center

We support their work in any way we can.
In June, we lead the Annual Roof Sit and Bucket Brigade in the Marshall area.

In January, we hold the Blues Jam and Chili Cook-Off to raise major funds for their work. Last year was our 25th year and we were able to raise over $27,000!  
You won't want to miss this year's!


We support their work with ongoing food collection, cash donations, and seasonal projects like the amazing Christmas Baskets given to hundreds of our neighbors in need. Click the link below to see all the up and coming MACS Inc. events. 


A local agency that helps people get back on their feet

We support their work with ongoing clothing collections, cash donations, and some of our members offer volunteer time on site. They have a store for the public with great hand made items, as well as other great merchandise, that helps fund their work. They also have a free store for those in great need.