Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am
The world is often talking about subjects that the Church tends to be silent on. Yet Jesus brought up tough topics regularly and challenged those following him to love first. With a little help from the United Methodist Church’s Board of Church & Society, we will be lifting some of these topics, searching scripture for any word there, and then discussing how we can stay in love with God, while loving our
neighbors… even if we disagree with them.
Last Week's Teams
A BIG THANKS to last week's teams for getting so much work done this week! You are amazing! 

New walls up in Conference Room, fireplace inserts removed, old chairs reupholstered, new curtains going into place, old library emptied out, and books all delivered to a ministry who will benefit greatly!
Volunteers Needed
This week's work will entail the kick off of three new projects down in the Education Wing. 
1. Opening up walls for new South Entrance Welcome Center
2. Opening up walls between the infant and toddler nurseries
3. Preparing space for installation of new Kid's Playground
4. Preparing hallways for new Kidz Village facades

Rock Removal Project
Rose Bush Transplanting Project
Playground Flooring Research Project
Masonry Bid Project
Sky Blue Painting Project
3-D Cloud Project

*See additional email request with detail for each of these needs... 
MUMC 101
This Sunday, July 23 @12:30pm
Interested in becoming a partner of MUMC?  Now's the time to check it out! Join us and learn more about how God has plans for you! 
Questions, see Matt West or Rachel Labram!
Brad Banfield, Brian Banfield, Carl Baranowski, 
Paul and Nina Baranowski and their daughter Tinley Clair,
Family of Roy Bedford, Marilyn Bischoff, Jean Bolinger,
Audriana Cucinello, Susan Chojanak, Beth Christensen, Bill Church, 
Family of Charles Cooper, Willo Cooper, Fred Douglas,
The family of Jerry Eckert, Rolly Ferris, Linda Ferris, Teresa Ferris, Cindra Gillespie, Family of Ryan Gillett, Cindy Hammond, Elizabeth Hiither, Dean Hopson, Judy Huggett, Carolyn Kelley, Rosie Korosko, Kay Landon, Louie Lewis, Norm Maurer, Nancy Mercer, Bonnie McNeil, Mary Jane Miller, Roger Miller, Pastor Cara Oorbeck and family in the passing of their daughter Elizabeth "JJ" Oorbeck, Georgie Ramos, Juan Ramos, Roy Ramos, Tony Ramos, Maddie Reynolds, Rev. Len Schoenherr, Livvi Shapow, Missy Shapow, Dale Shaver, Cameron Simon, Doug Smith, Hunter Smith, Mike Toman, 
Mike & Kirsten VanDerMeulenand baby Jordan, Judy and Dave Van Hoove,
Kris Waito,Dave Wagner, Mike Wallace, Allison Weingarden, Ken & Lois Zuehlke,
our country and world.