Sundays 9:00am & 11:00am
You may have seen the movie or read the book by that title, in which we see a young atheist named Lee Strobel investigating the claims of Christianity—but not with the desire to find or follow Christ.

Rather, he wanted to establish the case against Christ, with the hope of “rescuing” his wife, Leslie, from her newfound faith in Jesus. In the process he read, researched, and talked to numerous experts, all in the age before the Internet.
Join us as travel Strobel's nearly two-year spiritual journey, experiencing our own setbacks and challenges along the way.

New 2018 Office Hours
For greater productivity and Sunday preparation, the office will no longer be open on Fridays. New hours are:
Monday - 1:00pm-5:00pm
Tuesday -Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm
Closed Fridays

Wednesday Mission Supper
January 10 from 5:00pm-6:30pm
The ladies from the kitchen will be cooking Chicken Pot Pie.  Mission Suppers are on a donation basis, bring a friend and enjoy a nice hot meal.

Sign up for a Small Group Today!!
The Winter semester begins in February. Small groups are the perfect opportunity to become O.N.E. with Jesus! If you are new to MUMC, then look for someone with a blue Small Group Coordinator tag to ask questions or reach Pastor Matt and Rachel Labram by phone or email. 

Mission Supper!
Wednesday, January 24, 5:00pm-6:30pm
180 Youth Ministry will host a mission supper!  Menu is sloppy joes, mac n cheese, salads and desserts. All proceeds will go to The Haven and be presented at the Blues Jam. 
Blues Jam 2018
Saturday, January 27 at 6:00pm
Make sure to put this date on your calendars!  It's fast approaching! Help out by raising money to support The Haven with your small group, coworkers, or friends and family! 
Click the link below to sign up to help.

Click Here
The Wesley Challenge!
Sunday, January 28

We will introduce our denomination's father, in a practical and accessible way through a 21 question study over three weeks.  Join us on Sundays or one of our small groups to learn more!
Celebrate The Albion District
February 10 from 3-6:00pm at
Marshall UMC

Join us as we celebrate the Albion District. Our afternoon will begin gathering at 3:00 pm followed by a final Albion District Conference at 3:30 pm. We will then enjoy a lovely dinner (free-will offering) at 4 o'clock and then a worship celebration with guest speaker Rev. Faith Fowler at 5 o'clock.
You will need to register for the dinner by February 2
Click Here to Register
Michigan Area Weekly News
Resident Bishop, David Bard
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our conference. See what we are able to do together, to change the world! Click Here
Albion District Weekly News
District Superintendent, Dale Miller
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our district. See what other churches are up to, lift friends in prayer, sign up for leadership training, and more. Click Here
Friends in Need of Prayer

Delaine Aikins, Brad Banfield, Brian Banfield, Mark Burnett, Tinley Clair, Wanda Belcher, Stephanie Beresford, Family of Willo Cooper, The Dameron Family, Ernesto Emmanuelli Rodriguez's family in Puerto Rico, Terry Feltman, Teresa Ferris, Rachel Labram's dad Terry Goheen, Pat Gushiken, Jeff Hiither, Carolyn Kelley, Robin Kinsley and family with the passing of her Mother, Family of Evelyn Lapham, John Marsh, Family of Norm Maurer, Jessica McHugh and family with the loss of her father, Andrea Nessell, Nattaly Brown, Marcus Schwartz, Missy Shapow, Dawn and Ed Shorter, Hunter Smith, Mike Toman, Kris Waito, Dave Wagner, Mike Wallace, Angel Watts, Pam Westbrook and family with the passing of her sister, Jerry Wheat and family with the passing of his mother, Ken Zuehlke, 
and those affected by violence.