A Christmas Story Continues!
The chimes of the clock-tower bells in Dickens' classic “A
Christmas Carol” provide a wake-up call for Ebenezer Scrooge and
turn him from his resentment, fear and isolation. Just as God’s
presence was born anew into this world, we too can be born anew,
woken up and redeemed into renewed life, joy, passion, generosity,
humility and love. Join us this Advent/Christmas Season.

Mission Supper
Wednesday, December 13, 5:00pm-6:30pm
The ladies from the kitchen will serve meatloaf, red potatoes, and salad. Supper is on a donation basis, so please join us and bring a friend. We'll also have the the pleasure of listening to the Brass Quartet play some Christmas music from 5:00pm-5:45pm.

New Everlasting Poinsettia Plants
Rather than re-purchasing flowers each year, many of which get thrown away a few weeks later, we will be investing in some beautiful silk Poinsettia plants for our Christmas worship spaces this year. Fill out an order form if you would like to honor or remember a loved one by sponsoring one of the new pots. They will be stored in bins for safe keeping and multiple years of use. $10.00 per plant. 

Remembrance Lanterns
We will also have lanterns to lift into the sky during the Service of Remembrance at 8:30pm Christmas Eve. If you'd like to purchase a lantern, they are $3.00 a piece. 
For order forms, Click Here

Fountain Clinic Gift Cards
When purchasing gift cards, why not help the Fountain Clinic out while doing so.  The Fountain Clinic has gift cards for over 700 business.  Because it's a non-profit organization, the Clinic is allowed to keep a percentage of the purchase price.  A complete list of available cards and order forms can be found outside of Ruth Ann's office.  
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Friends in Need of Prayer

Family of Ann Marie Aikins, Delaine Aikins, Brad Banfield, Brian Banfield, Mark Burnett, Tinley Clair, Wanda Belcher, Stephanie Beresford, Willo Cooper, Teresa Ferris, Rachel Labram's dad Terry Goheen, Pat Gushiken, Family of Norene Hoffman, Carolyn Kelley, Robin Kinsley and family with the passing of her Mother, Family of Evelyn Lapham, John Marsh, Family of Norm Maurer, Jessica McHugh and family with the loss of her father, Roger Miller, Andrea Nessell, Family of Carroll Phillips, Ernesto Rodriguez, Nattaly Brown, Marcus Schwartz, Missy Shapow, Dawn and Ed Shorter, Hunter Smith, Mike Toman, Kris Waito, Dave Wagner, Mike Wallace, Angel Watts, Pam Westbrook and family with the passing of her sister,  Jerry Wheat and family with the passing of his mother, Ken Zuehlke, 
and those affected by violence.