MUMC Happenings!   

Starting this Sunday, May 19 at 9 and 11am

Life is full of change. Transitions can be both exciting and stressful. That’s because we can’t see into the future to see what comes next. But what if there was a way to prepare? What if we could do something now to influence where we end up?
Join us, and bring a friend!

American Red Cross Blood Drive
In Memory of Annabelle Ousley
Friday, May 17

United Methodist Church and the American Red Cross are hosting a blood drive.

Please join our lifesaving mission and schedule an appointment today!

Click here to make an appointment

If you haven't scheduled your appointment to donate, please do! If you have scheduled - THANK YOU!

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!

Download the Red Cross Blood Donor App on the App Store, Google Play or text BLOODAPP to 90999. Schedule appointments, get rewards and invite friends to join you on a lifesaving team.

We are back on track! If you are behind on your giving, please consider catching up as soon as possible. We cannot thank you enough for your faithfulness.

*Above is a chart that shows how our weekly giving compares with the approved 2019 budget.  If the bar is above zero, this means our giving was greater than budget and MUMC has additional MISSION OPPORTUNITY!  If the bar is below zero, then giving was less than budget and soon we will need to make decisions on cutting both staff and ministry. 

Mission Offering
The month of May supports both members of our congregation and the community with assistance in gas cards for work and medical procedures, utility shut-offs, and other emergency needs. 

BAKE SALE – Kidz and Youth Fundraiser for Camp Scholarships!
Sunday, May 19

Join us in the Great Hall to purchase goodies for a good cause!  All proceeds will help fund MUMC’s local scholarships for church camp.Camp Changes Lives!

LYRA Concert
Thursday, May 23  

We have started another tour around US. Those of you who have known us for years may see that the content of our group is quite unusual this time – 3 men and just one lady. LYRA performs normally in mixed groups of 5 – 6 singers. At the same time, a fairly large portion of Russian choral heritage is represented by male singing only and there are quite a few choral works in our repertoire that were composed for a male choir or ensemble. Eventually, we are pleased to introduce some of these works to our audience. Tatiana Melnikova will sing the part of the 1st tenor that, we believe, she does much better than many men can do :)) You can prove it by coming to one of our concerts. Please see the itinerary! WE WILL BE HAPPY to see you among our listeners! Also, a new CD will be introduced to you.

Upcoming Training
Wednesday, May 22

Store Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 3-6pm
Wednesdays and Saturdays
from 10am-1pm

Everything Is Free to Everyone
All the Time

Registration for VBS is now OPEN!
July 22-26 here at MUMC!
Register kidz or sign up to volunteer here:

Judicial Review and Moving Forward
Bishop Bard gives an update on the Traditional Plan and the Judicial Rulings concerning it. 
 Click Here to read the entire letter. 

What Can You Do?
Sign this resolution to be brought forward at the Michigan Annual Conference that begins May 30.
Michigan Area Weekly News
Resident Bishop, David Bard
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our conference. See what we are able to do together, to change the world! Click Here
Heritage District Weekly News
District Superintendent, Elizabeth Hill
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our district. See what other churches are up to, lift friends in prayer, sign up for leadership training, and more. Click Here

Ministries in Need of Prayer

Worship Services: that we will each invite someone to join us in worship, that God will touch their hearts and heal their souls. 

Enough Exchange Store: that other churches and organizations will take the training and begin serving, that all current volunteers would be of good health and blessed, that all those who shop at the store would be blessed by the goodness of God and all gifts that have been given for them. 

Spring Semester: that every member and friend at MUMC would become a part of a small group, that all volunteers and leaders would be blessed in their work and guided by the Holy Spirit, and that all may grow in grace and love as they attend their groups. 

Friends in Need of Prayer

Brad Banfield, Joseph Beckering, Scott Beebe, Rose Beebe,
Family of Charles Blank, Mark Burnett, Billie Carroll, Pastor Melany Chalker, Barb and Gary Church,  Tinley Clair, Judy Clark, Shannon Cronk, Jim Cunkle, Jenny Davidson, Rosemary Davis, Ray Disbrow, Nancy Eckert, Barbara Eldridge, Terry Feltman, Tracy Gary, Linda Guilfoyle, Nancy Hayden, Olivia Haverkamp, Melissa and Rodney Hillman, Julaine Kalisz, Carolyn and Dick Kelley, Andy Kershaw, Louie Louis, Harry Marshall, Linda Myers, Leroy Oliver, Ron Olsen, John Marsh, Alfredo Ramos Jr., Alvin Richards, Hunter Smith, Judy Smith, Ron and Becky Swaney, Mike Toman,  Angel Watts, Family of Carl Weaver,
Lois Zuehlke