The Christmas season is a time when the juxtaposition of the sacred and secular feel sometimes blatantly opposed, and sometimes quite blurred.

The word “sacred” points to something dedicated as “holy” and “set apart.”

This year, we invite you to a spiritual journey of seeing all things pregnant with the possibility of the holy.  What could your Christmas season experience be like if you lived it looking through the kaleidoscope of the sacred?


                                         Sacred Time: Hope
                                        Sacred People: Love

                                         Sacred Space: Joy

                                        Sacred News: Peace

                                        Sacred Story: Christ

                                          Sacred Action: Life

Free Community Dinner
Wednesday, December 5

Join us for a Ham dinner.  Remember, if you're able to help, please contact Ron Rosko at 269-967-3114 or Charlie Smith at 269-420-3090.  If you can provide a dessert, please do.  Bring a friend and enjoy!

Surprise 50th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, December 1

Join family and friends to celebrate Doug & Judy Smith's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It will be located at the Convis Township Hall, 19500 15 Mile Road, Marshall. Pass the word, please! 

Stained Glass Display
Do you own a small stained glass lamp, a window display, or other stained glass piece that you would be willing to loan to MUMC for the holidays? We will be setting up a stained glass display down the Great Hall during the Christmas season. Drop off items in the office with your name attached.


Christmas Decorating
Just as we prepare our homes for the holidays, we prepare God’s House. If you can assist with hanging of wreaths, untangling of lights, putting together trees, or other décor, please see Pastor Melany.

MACS, Inc. Giving Tree
The Marshall Area Community Service Giving Tree will be up in Friendship Hall after Thanksgiving.  Remember to pick a tag and drop your gift for those in need under the tree buy Monday, December 10.

Store Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Wednesdays and Saturdays


Next Training
Thursday, December 6

Everything Is Free to
Everyone All the Time

Heritage District Weekly News
District Superintendent, Elizabeth Hill
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our district. See what other churches are up to, lift friends in prayer, sign up for leadership training, and more. Click Here
Michigan Area Weekly News
Resident Bishop, David Bard
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our conference. See what we are able to do together, to change the world! Click Here

Ministries in Need of Prayer

Worship: that each member would invite others to join us in worship, offering to pick them up, sit with them, invite them into their small groups. 

Enough Exchange Store: that other churches and organizations will take the training and begin serving, that all current volunteers would be of good health and blessed, that all those who shop at the store would be blessed by the goodness of God and all gifts that have been given for them. 

Fall Semester: that every member and friend at MUMC would become a part of a small group this semester, that all volunteers and leaders would be blessed in their work and guided by the Holy Spirit, that all may grow in grace and love as they attend their groups. 

Friends in Need of Prayer

Brad Banfield, Joseph Beckering, Tinley Clair, 
Judy Clark, Shannon Cronk, Jim Cunkle, Jenny Davidson, Rosemary Davis, Ray Disbrow, Nancy Eckert, Family of Joyce Elyea, Terry Feltman, Mary Faurot family, Tracy Gary, Linda Guilfoyle, Nancy Hayden, Laurie Oleksa’s mother, Olivia Haverkamp, Elizabeth Hiither, Jeff Hiither, Melissa and Rodney Hillman, Julaine Kalisz, Carolyn Kelley,  Malinowski family, John Marsh, Ann Michels at the loss
of her mother,Marty and Lucy Overhiser, Ron Petty, John Rollins,
Lauren Sheldon family, Hunter Smith, Judy Smith, Mark Smith,
Sue Ramos's Dad, Sue Rugg, Mike Toman, Pastor Dan VanderKolk and family,
Dave Wagner, Angel Watts, Family of Kinslay Weaver, Lois Zuehlke.