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Summer Storytelling Series
This second summer series spotlights interactive, conversation style storytelling of a person’s favorite scripture story. Each includes an application portion of how that story relates to us still today, as well as why it is their favorite.

Giving trends have increased since our High5 kick off
(increase giving weekly by $5 or more) but we still have a ways to go to cover needs.  Let's do what we need to in order to truly be Generous Givers! 

How is your investment paying off?
Share your story with a staff member or leader today!
We'd love to share it with others!
We ARE changing lives at MUMC!


We at MUMC are a wide-ranging group of followers, yet we have one thing in common: we love Jesus and our neighbor. We struggle together as we choose to love everyone, everywhere.  

Some helpful reads:

"Seeing Differently" by Bishop Bard

"UMC Bishops' Statement on White Supremacy and Xenophobia"

"Disaffiliation Process Finalized"
Michigan Area Weekly News
Resident Bishop, David Bard
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our conference. See what we are able to do together, to change the world! Click Here
Heritage District Weekly News
District Superintendent, Elizabeth Hill
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our district. See what other churches are up to, lift friends in prayer, sign up for leadership training, and more. Click Here

Ministries in Need of Prayer

Worship Services: that we will each invite someone to join us in worship, that God will touch their hearts and heal their souls.

There's Enough Exchange Store: that other churches and organizations will take the training and begin serving, that all current volunteers would be of good health and blessed, that all those who shop at the store would be blessed by the goodness of God and all gifts that have been given for them.

Fall Semester: that every member and friend at MUMC would become a part of a small group, that all volunteers and leaders would be blessed in their work and guided by the Holy Spirit, and that all may grow in grace and love as they attend their groups.

Caring Column

Jim Allison, Tina Andrews, Brad Banfield, Joseph Beckering,
Scott Beebe, Natasha Blight, Kellie Brownell, Mark Burnett, Billie Carroll,
Pastor Melany Chalker, Barb and Gary Church, Tinley Clair, 
Judy Clark, Shannon Cronk, Jim Cunkle, Jenny Davidson, Rosemary Davis,
Ray Disbrow, Barbara Eldridge, Terry Feltman, Jerris Finkbeiner, Tracy Gary, Trish George, Linda Guilfoyle, Nancy Hayden, Olivia Haverkamp,  Ardith Josephson, Julaine Kalisz, Carolyn and Dick Kelley, Louie Louis, Family of Michael Lyon, Harry Marshall, Family of Nancy Mercer, Linda Myers, Leroy Oliver, John Marsh,
Audrey McCann,Alfredo Ramos Jr., Alvin Richards, George Secord, Hunter Smith, Judy Smith, Bob Swalwell, Mike Toman, Angel Watts, Lois Zuehlke.