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Have you ever had a friend who changed your life?  In the new movie, Mr. Rogers loves his friend Lloyd by listening to his story, hearing his hurt, and encouraging him to forgive. He sees and accepts his friend as a child of God, illustrating how one person can inspire a world of kindness.

We're referencing the film as we offer opportunities to do the same in our lives. Plan on joining us Sundays in January! Bring a friend who needs a little kindness.

We ended the year slightly higher than we began the year, but not holding the level we reached during our High 5 initiative in the spring or 2018's giving level. Many signed up to increase their weekly giving by $5 but it did not sustain over the summer or fall months, leaving us with a $40,000 gap by year-end. For the first time in many years, we will only be able to pay 70% of our Global Mission Shares this year due to the shortfall. The thick black line in the above graphs is budgeted needs. 

If you can give a New Year gift to help lessen that gap, it will allow us to retain our staff and the vital ministries they lead in 2020. Thank you! 

Mission Dinner
Wednesday, January 22

Menu will be pulled pork sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Volunteers Are Needed!
Blues Jam and Chili Cook-Off!
This week through Thursday and next week Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-12:30pm to help organize sort and type.  We need 100 more volunteers for the night of the event,  also find the bulletin board in the Great room hallway to sign up or call the church at 781-5107.  We are in need of 40 more crock pots of chili or Improv items.  let's reach our goal for $25,000 for The Haven.

The Blues Jam Is Right Around the Corner
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Our own Jake Kershaw is joining us on stage this year!  This young man has taken flight and signed with CPR Entertainment out of Nashville.  What an honor it has been to watch him grow, graduate and soar to the top!  It only gets better from here and we will be the honored recipients to watch him again on his home stage. 

Join us for a night of great music and food while feeling good about helping those in need at The Haven of Rest. Please Click Here to get a sign-up sheet to volunteer or receive a list of items needed for donation. Click Here to download a chili recipe registration sheet. 

New and Improved 2020 KidzWay
Kids Worship is now begin immediately
at 11am on Sundays as we expand with
their own Praize & Worship music and
Kidz Choir before their lesson!


What NEXT STEPS will you be taking this Winter Semester?

Woodworking or knitting, bible study or book study, young adults or families with children. We have opportunities for everyone. Check out the NEXT STEPS wall in the Great Hall.

We at MUMC are a wide-ranging group of followers, yet we have one thing in common: we love Jesus and our neighbor. We struggle together as we choose to love everyone, everywhere.  

Some helpful reads:

Separation Plan:

Trustees clarify disaffiliation process

A Way Forward Report for General Conference 2020

UMC History with LGBTQ+


Michigan Area Weekly News
Resident Bishop, David Bard
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our conference. See what we are able to do together, to change the world!  For more information, click the Michigan Area picture to the left.
Heritage District Weekly News
District Superintendent, Elizabeth Hill
Stay connected with our brothers and sisters around our district. See what other churches are up to, lift friends in prayer, sign up for leadership training, and more, click the Heritage District picture to the left.

Ministries in Need of Prayer

Worship Services: that we will each invite someone to join us in worship, that God will touch their hearts and heal their souls.

There's Enough Exchange Store: that other churches and organizations will take the training and begin serving, that all current volunteers would be of good health and blessed, that all those who shop at the store would be blessed by the goodness of God and all gifts that have been given for them.

Winter Semester: that every member and friend at MUMC would become a part of a small group, that all volunteers and leaders would be blessed in their work and guided by the Holy Spirit, and that all may grow in grace and love as they attend their groups.

Finances: that our members would become regular and generous in their giving, that we might be able to focus on the mission and ministry at hand, rather than concerning ourselves with shortfalls. 

Friends in Need of Prayer
Brad Banfield, Stephanie Barrows, Scott Beebe, Natasha Blight,
Family of Lori Brownell, Kellie Brownell, Mark Burnett, Billie Carroll,  Bill Chapple, Tinley Clair, Family of Rose Cowles, Shannon Cronk, Jim Cunkle, Jenny Davidson,
Ray Davis, Ray Disbrow, Sandy Drumm, Barbara Eldridge, Lois Feltman, Terry Feltman, Jackie Garrison, Tracy Gary, Trish George, Linda Guilfoyle, Nancy Hayden, Olivia Haverkamp, The Hillman family, Jim and Judy Huggett, Dick Hughes, Ardith Josephson, Juliane Kalisz, Carolyn and Dick Kelley, Jacob Krueger, Aimee Lemon and family with the passing of her father, Randy Liliemark, Louie Louis, Harry Marshall, Linda Myers, Meladee Pemberton, Graydon Pope, John Marsh, Audrey McCann, Linleigh Price, Roy Ramos, Alfredo Ramos Jr., Alvin Richards, the Robert's family in the passing of their son, Brandi Schneider, George Secord, Anne Seppanen, Hunter Smith, Judy Smith, Bob Swalwell, Family of Joe Turcotte, Mike Toman, Pat VanCarpels, Family of Dick Watson, Angel Watts, 
Lois Zuehlke,  all the troops recently deployed, all in Puerto Rico and Australia.